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In the early morning hours on Sunday, Texas A&M baseball needed a big play. For about three to four seconds, every bleary-eyed member of the Aggie faithful, still yet glued to their screens and arrayed in Maroon and White, felt their stomachs drop when a Florida batter got a bead on an Evan Aschenbeck pitch and crushed it to deep right field. It looked for all the world as though it was gone—a no-doubt home run.

As those heart-pounding moments ticked by, though, it all of a sudden seemed less clear. The fielder, Jace LaViolette, was approaching the wall at more of a brisk walk than a run. When he came up against the wall, though, it seemed like it was doom for the Aggies. Then, though, he leapt into the air, extending skyward for the robbery.

The 🤯#GigEm x #MCWS pic.twitter.com/j88nI3czWK

— Texas A&M Baseball (@AggieBaseball) June 16, 2024

The Aggie faithful, both in the stands and in their homes across the country, erupted.

This play didn’t quite put the game away—Florida’s Jac Caglianone tried to make things interesting against the Aggies late—but it put the Aggies on the precipice. It was exactly the kind of play, however, that this Texas A&M baseball team has been making all year—a clutch one, at just the right moment.

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— Texas A&M Baseball (@AggieBaseball) June 16, 2024

Time and again, when it’s a moment where someone in maroon needs to step up to the plate (as it were), when a big play is needed, the Aggies have delivered. Whether it’s Kaeden Kent’s grand slam to put the Aggies up for good in the Super Regional, or Caden Sorrell’s home-run robbery against South Carolina in the heart of the Ags’ SEC schedule, Schlossnagle’s squad has displayed the clutch gene in any and every scenario.

Saved a 2-run HR in the 9th that would’ve given Florida the lead 😮

What a grab by @AggieBaseball’s Jace LaViolette as Texas A&M hangs on in Omaha! pic.twitter.com/F60zFTQYrP

— ESPN (@espn) June 16, 2024

This is why this team can win it all this year. You don’t just need to have talent—though the Aggies have that in droves. You don’t just need a great coach. You need a will to win that surpasses that of your opponent. You need the drive to overcome obstacles, no matter when they arise or what form they take.

That’s the mentality behind this team’s “Good” motto this year (watch this video, if you’re unfamiliar). The mental fortitude they’ve displayed this year, through everything—injuries, slumps, everything else—has been remarkable.

BROUGHT IT BACK 👏👏#GigEm x #MCWS pic.twitter.com/EA1RWrbhMm

— Texas A&M Baseball (@AggieBaseball) June 16, 2024

I mean, what better picture of this could there be than injured star Braden Montgomery, seated in the dugout, wearing a hat that symbolizes this come-what-may attitude? This is a guy who is projected to be a top-5 pick in the MLB draft, and he isn’t able to contribute to this team. Yet he shows up, and through it all, shows the team’s mentality—this isn’t a setback, it’s an opportunity.

That’s how you bounce back. That’s how you make plays in the clutch. That’s how you win a championship. That’s why this team can win a championship.

Four more wins to go.

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