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Plus-size dresses can be stylish! You don’t have to wear something simple, outdated or boring. Nowadays a lot of brands are coming out with unique pieces, cool prints, and fabrics that can embrace femininity as well as their style. With so many styles, cuts, and fabrics available, it can be overwhelming to find the right fit. With some tips and tricks from the right people and designers who have been in the industry for years, you can make the right decision and look as trendy as ever! Here are some tips to follow for your next shopping spree!

Top 7 Designer-Approved Tips for Choosing Plus Size Dresses
1. Be aware of your body shape

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The first step in finding the ideal dress is understanding your body shape. Plus-size bodies come in various shapes, although a lot of people classify them solely just as plus-size or ’round’. However, you can still be a pear-shaped, apple-shaped, hourglass, or rectangle beauty. How to know what dress to go for based on your body shape?

Apple-shaped ladies will want to opt for dresses that cinch at the waist and flow away from the midsection. You will look and feel your best in A-line dresses.
Pear-shaped women typically look elegant and they feel the best in off-the-shoulder dresses.
Hourglass body shapes have defined curves and will look gorgeous in wrap dresses or anything that defines their waist and emphasizes their most feminine features.
Rectangle shape – you can create the illusion of curves with ruching or draping around the waist, or choose belted styles.

2. Consider different fabrics

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Fabric choice significantly impacts how a dress fits and feels, and it also dictates the overall vibe of the dress and when it’s appropriate for you to wear it. Designers recommend fabrics that offer some stretch and drape nicely over the body without clinging too tightly. Some of the best options to go for are:

Jersey – this is a stretchy and comfortable fabric, often a go-to for semi-formal yet comfortable dresses.
Chiffon – chiffon fabric is quite airy and lightweight and it can leave a draped effect along your body. It can be worn during any season.
Satin – a common go-to fabric for the summertime season due to its practicality, flowy and feminine effect, and quite shiny, which makes it perfect for formal wear.

3. The fit is also important

A well-fitting dress makes all the difference. Designers stress the importance of tailoring to achieve the best fit. If you can’t find something at a store, it’s better to tailor it and let a professional customize it accordingly. The key components to look at are:

Bust – make sure there’s enough room in the bust area, especially if you’re a plus-size busty woman. You can opt for adjustable straps or stretch panels to adjust and set accordingly.
Waist – your dress shouldn’t feel uncomfortable on the hips and it should be big enough so you breathe in it and walk with ease.
Length – aim for a dress that’s not too short or too long. It shouldn’t drag on the floor and it shouldn’t show too much of your private parts. In case it does, tailor it.

4. Choose a print you like

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Prints and patterns add visual interest to a dress but should be chosen with care. Once you’re satisfied with your chosen color and model of the dress, think about adding some spice and prints to it. Options to go for are:

A) Vertical stripes – these will often create an illusion of slimness, while horizontal ones should be avoided at all costs.

B) Small prints – delicate and smaller patterns will look flattering compared to giant shapes that can overwhelm your figure.

C) Color blocking – strategic color blocking and properly placed colors will downplay certain areas while creating a cohesive look.

5. Incorporate shapewear

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Shapewear can enhance the fit of a dress by providing smooth lines and support. You need to invest in your shapewear so you can move easily and enjoy comfort throughout the day. However, always remember that no matter how stylish a dress is, if it’s not comfortable, it won’t be enjoyable to wear. Designers recommend prioritizing comfort to ensure you feel confident and at ease. Do a mini-test with your dress, try sitting, walking, and bending in it to see how comfortable it truly is, and if it passes all the phases.

6. Think about your accessories

Accessories can enhance the overall look of a dress. Belts, statement jewelry, and stylish shoes can add a personal touch and complete your outfit. However, you have to incorporate them the right way and not overwhelm your outfit.

With belts, you can create an hourglass figure and define your feminine hops and curves.

With proper statement jewelry, you will add attention and intricacy to the face.

The right pair of shoes will help you stand for a long period while boosting your confidence and femininity!

7. Know where to shop

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Where do you typically shop? Do you prefer online or in-person shopping experiences? It can be hard to find a site that has it all. However, you can enjoy a wide selection of different plus size dress options right here! Curvy women will enjoy their dresses, tops, bottoms, swimwear, lingerie – you name it! Anyone can find a piece for themselves and enjoy high-quality pieces for the upcoming period. With hundreds of pieces to choose from, gorgeous colors, as well as fast shipping, every lady will find something for her next big or simple event at a reasonable price point!

Having said all of that

Choosing the perfect plus-size dress involves understanding your body shape, selecting the right fabrics, ensuring a good fit, and accessorizing thoughtfully. What’s your favorite way to style a dress, and do you know how to enhance your curves? Just incorporate these tips and tricks and you will easily find a piece that makes you feel confident and beautiful! Are you ready to shop and look your best?

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